Investing in Greek land

It is a fact that investments in land have returned, on average, over 900% for investors during a 20 year period in several global spots. But let’s examine what factors should be considered before buying land as an investment. Firstly, the land location is very important in order to be chosen those plots of land … Read more

Purchasing a holiday residence in Greece

Greece undoubtedly plays a major role in the worldwide tourism. Both Greek national history and civilization, as shown from museums and archaeological sites, and unharmed natural landscape of Greek islands and other regions, attract millions of visitors each year. Foreign people, who visit Greece, also show great keenness for Greek real estate market. Remarkable holiday … Read more

What led property market to collapse

Everyone knows nowadays that many people are losing their homes and the property market tends to freeze.  However, banks are still gaining enormous profits after the bubble bursting in the real estate market. In the 1990’s, banks adopted a huge marketing program in order to encourage people to take their savings out of their homes … Read more

Tips before you decide to buy a commercial real estate

Many professionals in Greece ask themselves whether renting or buying a professional space is the best option. The answer to this topic is not that simple. From the one hand, the interest rates are really low nowadays and the property prices have declined dramatically since the economic crisis started. From the other hand, business sales … Read more