The Athens Stock Exchange is classified as emerging market

  After 12 years of presence in developed capital markets, the Athens Stock Exchange entered the category of emerging markets, according to MSCI indices. The market classification framework is described in detail in The weighting of the Greek index to the main MSCI Emerging Markets Index is 0.43%. Stocks included in MSCI Greece Emerging … Read more

Reduced VAT on repair and maintenance expenditure

  VAT is an indirect tax imposed on the final consumer of goods or recipient of services. In this short article, we will try to examine the VAT charged on the repair and maintenance cost of old private residences. In Greece, in accordance with the rulings 1082/25-5-2007 and 1241/5-11-2013, reduced VAT rate governs every work … Read more

Further details concerning Greek residence permit

  A large number of non-EU citizens have expressed their interest in acquiring a five year residence permit in Greece, in accordance with the L. 4146/2013. The Minister of Interior, in order to facilitate and specify the procedures to be carried out, issued the Circular No. 58305/7-11-2013, regulating all these issues. Let’s recall the persons … Read more

Greece’s Online Real Estate Auctions House

  The PUBLIC PROPERTIES COMPANY S.A realizes online real estate auctions in the context of exploiting state-owned property, in collaboration with Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF).   A few words about PUBLIC PROPERTIES COMPANY S.A   PPCo SA is a corporation with the mission of managing, developing and exploiting the private state-owned properties. The … Read more

Who qualifies for the 5-year residence permit?

    In early August, a circular was published, setting out the details regarding the issue of 5 year residence permit. According to the circular 15/6-8-2013, a 5-year residence permit can be granted to citizens of third countries who bought a property in Greece, before Law 4146/2013 enters into force (18-04-2013). More analytically, this permit … Read more

Long term living permit to persons who acquire a residence in Greece

The Greek government, according to the Article 6 of Law 4146/2013, extends visiting or living period in Greece for people who buy a property of high value. This effort is expected to attract high or medium income investors, since the prices of country houses and land have declined between 20% and 45%, depending on region. … Read more

The big deal between Eurobank and Fairfax for EuroProperties SA

The American treasury Company Fairfax, will become the largest shareholder of Eurobank Properties (EYPRO), increasing its stake from 19% to 42%, through a share capital increase which will be covered over the three quarters. Eurobank’s shareholding is going to be reduced respectively, but the Bank will retain the management. This deal can be considered as … Read more

Kefalonia: the island that offers everything

Kefalonia constitutes a key ingredient of tourism in Greece. This magnificent island is situated in the western periphery of Greek waters and is the largest one among the complex of the Ionian Islands. Kefalonia is well known for its mountainous landscape and countryside, sea resorts and ancient monasteries. All these make Kefalonia one of the … Read more

Crisis smashed sales and property values

According to experts this is the worst housing downturn taking place last years. Also, they estimated that during the following year this crisis will lead to significant decline of property value and will reduce tax revenue. The real estate market n Greece, both the residential and commercial divisions are very uncertain as the prices are … Read more

Greece: A unique choice for property investors

The Greek property market considered to be one of the most attracting markets in the Mediterranean region, as long as this market can offer real estate investors the opportunity to create an integral and well diversified real estate portfolio just in one country. All these opportunities available in Greece became known after the Athens Olympic … Read more