Kefalonia: the island that offers everything

Kefalonia constitutes a key ingredient of tourism in Greece. This magnificent island is situated in the western periphery of Greek waters and is the largest one among the complex of the Ionian Islands. Kefalonia is well known for its mountainous landscape and countryside, sea resorts and ancient monasteries. All these make Kefalonia one of the most desired destinations both for holidaymakers and property buyers.

Approximately two-thirds of the whole island’s population lives in two major towns Argostoli and Lixouri.  Argostoli is the capital of the island and the most frequently visited place by tourists, so a great number of property transactions takes place along the city center. Lixouri is a city that impresses the visitor thanks to its natural beauty. Near to Lixouri, there are many excellent beaches, most popular of which are Petani, Ksi, Atheras and Platia Ammos. In Kefalonia, a visitor, except for magnificent beaches and picturesque mountainous areas, can also admire really important archeological findings aging even 2000 years old.

The magnificent landscapes and rich history and tradition attract many visitors each year to the island who fall in love with it and are willing to spend much more time there. As a result, there is great mobility within real estate market of the island, concerning both country villas and apartments. A property investment in Kefalonia is a unique opportunity nowadays because the prices are affordable and the expenditure can be amortized easily, by staying there during summer vacations for a long period of time or by renting the house to other tourists.