VAT rules on short-term lease of real estate in Greece (Airbnb type) in the context of the sharing economy

Following the submission of a number of questions concerning the exemption from VAT of short-term lettings of Real Estate in the context of the sharing of Article 111 of Law 4446/2016, as replaced by Article 84 of Law 4772/2017, with POL .1059/2018, the following clarifications are provided for the purposes of uniform application: 1. As … Read more

Taxation on rents in Greece. What will apply to the free transfers of property and the unpaid debts.

More than 3 million taxpayers will be taxed from 15% to 45% this year on real estate revenues earned in 2017. In addition, these incomes will also be taxed with a special solidarity tax of 2.2% to 10%, provided that their total income for 2017 is over € 12,000. According to the current legislation, real … Read more